All EMail programs have the option of "Forwarding" an EMail you've received from someone else on to YOUR list of friends/family.  This is fine ... this works ... and means you can send that cute joke or valuable information on to another group of people without you having to do a great deal of retyping.

HOWEVER ... it's important that you DO TAKE A FEW MINUTES and AT LEAST remove all the EMail
 addresses that also get 'forwarded' after 'forwarded' after 'forwarded'.

Eudora forwarding button

Netscape forwarding button

Outlook Express forwarding button

You've received an EMail you want to forward to your friends.  Open the EMail, then click the forward button (see above), select EVERYTHING from the top of the original EMail (all those exposed EMail addresses) down to where the "joke" begins.  Then click the "delete" key on your keyboard.  That's it.  Simple process and you've protected all those visible EMail addresses.


Clean off all those irritating forwarding marks.  e.g.>>>>>>>>>>>>  You know the ones I mean.  To do this, after you have deleted all the visible EMail addresses in the forwarding EMail, select the whole "joke", copy, then paste into CLEANER.  Cleaner is a handy little free utility that will 'clean' off those >>>>>>>>>'s  and remove all the incorrect line breaks from an EMail.  If you don't have CLEANER, follow the DOWNLOAD instructions below and install it on your computer.

Click to download DOWNLOAD CLEANER (see instructions below)
351 kb

When you click the "DOWNLOAD CLEANER" link above, a Window will open called File Download.  Click the Save button.

Another Window will open called Save As.  Drop down the menu at the top and drag your cursor down to Desktop so the word "Desktop" appears in the location window (as above). Click the Save button.

The "Download Window" will open and you can watch the progress as the file saves onto your desktop.


Look for the the Cleaner.exe file on your desktop. It will look like the above graphic. (Your desktop window may be a different colour from my 'dark blue')..   Double click the cleaner.exe to open it.  Select and copy all the messy text out of the original EMail you received and paste it into the Cleaner window.  (see graphic below)

Once the text is pasted into the Cleaner Window, click the Clean Button. All the >>>>>'s and improper line breaks will disappear.

Left click on Edit, and go down to Copy All to select all the cleaned text and to have it copied on to your clipboard.

Go back to your EMail and place your cursor into the message area of the EMail, go to Edit on the menu and down to "paste".

Your friends are going to love you!!

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