The various versions of Netscape look different, but the rules are the same.

When we send out an EMail to multiple EMail addresses without hiding them, we're contributing to spam.  How?  Those EMail addresses are worth the price of gold to spammers.  Especially if your EMail is then "forwarded" by one or two, three, four of those well-meaning people to THEIR list of family/friends.  Now not only is your list of EMail addresses showing, but so is the list of those who also used the To: button to forward your mail on.  This tutorial will show you how to 'hide' the recipient EMail addresses by using the :Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) feature in Netscape.

Open your Mail Program in Netscape.  Go to Message on your menu bar, to New Message and a window will open.

Left click the Address book, and the "Select Addresses" window will open.

Hold your "control key" (Ctrl) on your keyboard down and left click on all the names in your address book that you want to send the email to.  If you are sending the email to "everyone" in your address book, left click on the first name in your list, hold your "shift key" down then left click on the last name in the list to select them all.

Now that you've selected the names from your address book, click Bcc: then OK

Compose your EMail as normal, then hit Send to send it out, safe in the knowledge, you've protected your friends' EMail addresses.

Alternative Method: SELECTING A "GROUP" OF NAMES

If you have a your address book set up with "groups", left click on the "group name", click Bcc:, then OK.

BONUS TUTORIAL (Using the Reply versus the Reply All button)

When someone sends you an EMail with cc's (carbon copies) or bcc's (blind carbon copies) to a hundred other people, DON'T make the mistake of replying to the person who sent you the EMail by clicking the Reply All button.  Not only will the 'sender' get your EMail, but so will every single other person that received the original EMail.  Instead, be sure to click the Reply button so that ONLY the sender of the EMail gets your reply.

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