Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is not for the weak at heart, but for those who are determined to grasp the basic concepts of it, this tutorial is for you.

Work along with me to get a better 'feel' for what's involved. 

Download this image

The image we'll be working on is called "Jesse.jpg".  For the sake of this tutorial, make a new folder on your desktop, call it tutorial.  Copy this photo into your tutorial folder.

PC Right mouse click on photo, go to SAVE IMAGE AS, and save it into your tutorial folder.

Mac Mouse click on photo, go to SAVE THIS IMAGE AS, and save it into your tutorial folder.

We will be reducing the image size (called optimizing) to prepare it for emailing or for placing on a web site.  In both instances, small file sizes are important (especially when emailing so your friends and family don't see just "canine nostrils" on their computer monitors).  I am using Adobe Photoshop 7 but this tutorial should work with earlier versions.

Once you have the Jesse.jpg firmly leashed inside your tutorial folder on your desktop, go to the next page and learn how to reduce this image.